Chrono Midnight Black | Lord Timepieces Watch Review

Today we’ve been checking out Lord Timepieces Chrono Midnight Black. A popular choice in their newest collection. The Chrono for me has been one of those watches that really shine in elegance and class. I’ve been working alongside Lord Timepieces for some time now, (check out my ‘Apollo’ review here!), and I’ve only ever had positive reviews. So sit back, relax and enjoy my Lord Timepieces watch review!

Introducing The Chrono Midnight Lord Timepieces Watch review

The Chrono arrived in professional high-quality packaging, comparable to that of other high end watch brands, I was really impressed and was curious to see how the product itself would compare.

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Now to the watch itself…

With high-quality sleek features such as a solid weighty face and a high-grade authentic leather strap, I had high hopes. The timepiece is robust and feels authentic compared to other products of this price range. It’s hard to find quality watches with this sort of price range.

New lord timepeices watch review

The timepiece wasn’t just pretty, but it was also efficient. With four total faces, including a stopwatch and date face, I was impressed. Watches with multiple faces and a lot going on can often seem too much, but the Chrono had a perfect balance. Overall I was chuffed with such a robust and slick looking timepiece.

The strap was actually decent quality leather and broke in as soon as I first put it on. So that surprised me. The watch is also really comfortable once you get used to the leather and its weight.

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Could I recommend buying it? Depends on your style, if you usually wear black, then buy it. Personally, I find black watches difficult to match with, I usually prefer gold or silver watches. But for the price, I would highly recommend, the quality of this watch is up there with big watch brands such as Daniel Wellington and Seiko. And for the inexpensive price of £149, I was over the moon.

I like to think I’ve seen my fair share of watches, and my collection seems to be ever-growing. But I’m happy to say this watch will have a special place in my future wardrobe choices.

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