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My name is James Vincent I’m an award winning blogger in Worcester, I have had a background in blogging getting all the way to the UK blog awards, having my influencer style collaborations recognized by agencies, brands and people, working with countless brands around the world from Debenhams, Suzuki and more. With my extensive background in blogging I then adapted this to the world of marketing.

Over the next few years after launching my blog I worked with countless brands in multiple industries. Experimenting with brand collaboration, writing for brands like Lord Timepieces, then teaming up for a TV Advert collaboration Suzuki, to even working with shaving brands like Cornerstone on their promotional events.

Have a watch of me here being interviewed by How College where I discussed the future of local businesses and how they can use social media marketing to develop a wider presence in the local area. I also spoke about how places like Worcester can use local agencies to support their growth and help overall economic growth in the wider area.


Here are some of the most-read posts on my blog thus far:

Lord Timepieces Watch Review : 60,000+ Views

Suzuki Swift Collaboration: 12,000+ Views

Keystones Cocktail Club Review: 8,000 views

To have a read of some blog posts have a look here.


Have a watch of me here, this is where I presented in Worcestershire at a local business event, presenting about the future of digital marketing. How the market will naturally shift and we will see a development of new digital marketing techniques and how local business can adapt to use these in their own marketing plans.


So you’re thinking of a award winning blogger?

If you’re thinking of become an blogger/writer there’s a few tips you can follow to make sure you get to the top. Here are my top three tips to get you going in the right direction.

TIP 1 – Write about something you’re passionate about
There’s no point writing articles or discussing topics that you’re not passionate about, it makes the writing so much harder. This also goes hand in hand with picking topics that are not boring, so for example I worked on some articles for travel and tourism magazines where we discussed the most mysterious spots around the world, this made the readership so much more vast.

TIP 2 – Invest the time 
Writing a blog is not a quick win scenario, it will take time, a lot of time. So be prepared to put the effort in, its going to be a lot of work but the end product will be something amazing. Now when I mean invest the time I don’t just mean in the actual blog, I also mean in social media, teaming up with people, businesses and brands to make sure your blog is seen by a lot of people and you get your name out there.

TIP 3 – Make people read it 
So you’re publishing articles but no one seems to be finding them, yeah I had that same problem… Biggest thing I did was learn SEO and keep learning it. For the people that don’t know what that is its Search Engine Optimisation, the process of actually being seen on the search engines. This helped much grow the site quickly as I taught myself the value of keywords, what I could rank for and what I couldn’t. When this started working I definitely felt the reward as more brands found my website and inquired about working with me.

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