Henry London Watch Review | WESTMINSTER

Good evening everyone, today I am here to talk about Henry London a watch company taking the market by storm! Read below for the full Henry London watch review.

Henry London, sophistication and style. 

The finely fitted gold case of the Westminster houses an ultra-thin movement, the complexity of this specific timepiece is matched only by the timeless elegance of the watch. This expresses a subtle blend of finesse and precision with a bold sense of sophistication; this watch is distinguished by an off centre oscillating weight. A gold mesh band that is hand crafted by their watch makers each with a unique touch and a design that will never be under looked.

James-Vincent-suits“You just can’t take your eyes off these timepieces, elegance and precision bound into one.”

Once ordered, the timepiece arrived is such a short time. What stood out with this specific watch is that you and not just purchasing a timepiece, but you are buying the experience. The watches itself arrive in a leather lined chest, protected and designed to perfection. The intricacy of this watch was mesmerising, this Westminster model features the traditional hour, minute and second hands and also a subsidiary arc-shaped dial which shows the phases of the moon and a characteristic hand that points to the date along with an inner chapter ring.


I felt like Henry London have gone the extra mile in the design and execution of their watches, in particular, the engraving option you have to make your watch unique and personal to you.

“Their designs are… just… perfect, I couldn’t find a flaw”

The watch is priced at £165.00 

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