Bring your classic car back to life with Past Parts!

The classic car part refurbishing company Past Parts was established in 1988 and offers a parts service for a wide variety of older vehicles, covering cars, trucks and buses, its time to bring your old vehicle back to life and back on the roads with past parts. They offer a huge range of restoration services for master cylinders and brake callipers on classic motorcycles.

Though they are open all year round (apart from over Christmas), the bulk of the work that comes through their doors is from classic car owners and this is very much dependent on the season.

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Classic cars are mainly used in the summer months and it is during the spring period when the owners of older cars tend to remove them from their winter hibernation’s. On the first drive after a long layup, brake and clutch hydraulic issues are commonplace. Seals don’t like sitting idle, and brake fluid absorbs moisture over time, so sticking and leaking brakes happen every year – and we are here to help, Past Parts team were so friendly and answered any question I had so it made it so much easier for me to understand their industry.

past parts classic carsI had the opportunity the other day to visit their factory and see for myself what they get up to, I have to say I was blown away by what they produce. The amount of parts they had was so cool and most of them were in their original packaging so it was really interesting to see a slice of history and that they are bringing some of the amazing cars that were once on the road a second life.

If you would like to know more about Past Parts the parts restoration specialists then get in contact today on 0128475029 and they will be happy to assist you in any way possible.




Bring your classic car back to life with Past Parts!
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